Not Necessarily Mobile Friendly. Don't care. Intended for Hi-Speed connections, Good Platforms and Sound.
2 basic modes: “ PIS-OFF ”   and   “ PIS-ON ”.    You have no control of the Tracks Jacket images... Current version runs ±45 min before repeating.
Regardless of current 'mode', you can scroll to and click any title and it will play immediately... mode will resume from there.
SEARCH the playlist:  SEARCH Playlist - Keyboard 'F3' or 'CTRL + F'   or "CTRL + F".
Default mode is “ PIS-OFF
(Play In Sequence-OFF) -- "Autoplay" "Shuffle" "Loop" "Volume 50%"...
Begins with a random Weather Track and plays random tracks 'forever'.


PIS-ON ” plays all tracks in sequence... the current version requires about 27 hours. (Should outlast most frontal systems.)

Then, there's this:

... which resets WeatherTracks to PIS-OFF mode... Such Surfin' Attitude may occur if you accidentally hit it or reload the page after setting WxTrax to suit you. Tuff.

Ok, here's a feature video... some stuff you can do...
like scroll the playlist with mouse wheel or scroll bar.. temporay playlists, etc.