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Frankfort Weather.US  Blitzortung Performance

Last Data Time is UTC 24hr — This table data may have up to 2min delay.

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Frankfort Weather.US provides 14 channels of VLF impulse data, using two types of receivers with various configurations. Normally, all H field (m) channels operate in Vertical polarization mode, but 1439 may configure H2 (channel C), for Horizontal mode, while H0 and H1 move from Delta 60° to dual 90°.
1439 CURRENT H Config: A (H0), B (H1), C (H2): Delta 60° Vertical Pol

Blitzortung receivers detect atmospheric discharges, but the network only attempts definition and location of Cloud to Ground lightning discharges.

Sampled Raw Impulse VLF energy spectrum. Polled examples may not reflect the same signal across displays.
May be 'blank' depending on network, data activity extremes, server cache purge..
Additional 'real-time' "Server Processed' station and channel data can be selected at the "Server Signal' menu list below.

title graphic info
689 Ratios 4 Weeks 791 Ratios 4 Weeks 1439 Ratios 4 Weeks

Near / Distant Detection Ranging: Last 7 Days
689 range 791 range 1439 range

Server Processed Station and Channel Data
689 Server
689 Server + FFT
689 Server LAST + FFT
791 Server
791 Server + FFT
791 Server LAST + FFT
1439 Server
1439 Server + FFT
1439 Server LAST + FFT

Controller Status
All systems operate in full manual mode: Relative Gain ADC computational reference trigger level of 100mv.
No 'automatic' functions are normally activated. Those parameters would change ONLY under extreme conditions or experimental purposes.
The following examples illustrate some systems information available only to administration
689 791 1439
689 Tracker Status
689 Amplifier Status
689 Controller Signals
689 GPS Status
689 ADC Status
689 CPU Status
791 Tracker Status
791 Amplifier Status
791 Controller Signals
791 GPS Status
791 ADC Status
791 CPU Status
1439 Tracker Status
1439 Amplifier Status
1439 Controller Signals
1439 GPS Status
1439 ADC Status
1439 CPU Status

Quick Sets
The following examples illustrate some remote "set-and-apply" parameter changes available only to administration
689 H 791 H 1439 H
High  8*8 6000km
Mean  10*5 5000km
Nominal  8*5 3500km
Best Data  8*4 1500km

High  8*8 6000km
Mean  10*5 5000km
Nominal  8*5 3500km
Best Data  8*4 1500km

High  8*8, 8*8, 8*8
Mean  10*5, 10*5, 10*5
Nominal  8*5, 8*5, 8*5
Best Data  8*4, 8*4, 8*4
Filters  All  OFF
Filters  All  50kHz