About Frankfort Weather — Twin Hollies Weather Center

Frankfort Weather's TwinHollies WeatherCenter extends a welcome to anyone interested in weather information. From our location just outside the eastern city limits of Frankfort Kentucky, Frankfortweather.us is live 24/7, and strives to:

  • Maintain and present real-time, current weather conditions for Frankfort / Franklin County KY
  • Relay accurate and timely Weather Advisories, Warnings, and Alerts
  • Include Visual and Aural information about current and future weather conditions
  • Transmit, or offer, such data to various services, such as NOAA / NWS
  • Provide forcast and misc data for certain specific locations as defined.
Twin Hollies Cam1: No Image? Refresh in progress.

A FrankfortWeather is Wunderground FreeWebsite

Frankfort Weather DOES NOT send data directly to WeatherUnderground, WindyCom, WeatherUSA or similar entities who seek to market our product. Many have demonstrated inaccurate and unreliable data presentation, poor response to inquiries, usage without attribution, usage in violation of claimed restrictions and failure to desist, server scraping / server loading, and erratic performance of associated APIs. PWS operators have pride, and considerable time and monetary investment in their weather data and such issues degrade those investments. Further, Frankfort Weather does not endorse, encourage or condone the blatant commercial 'scraping' and 'marketing' of Personal Weather Station and Site Products world-wide without permission and acknowledgement. ANY presentation of ANY Frankfort Weather product, including Weather Cams, on such sites, whether directly scraped, or derived from such Public or Citizen Science Entities as Bltzortung, Mesonet, Mesowest, CWOP, CoCoRaHS, etc is without our explicit permission and control.

Frankfort Weather hosts the PWS comunitiy's NOAA Radio Stream site, "NOAA Weather Radio.org" and the Americas Blitzortung Operators - "Sferics.US" driven by ourspecial.net.

Our Installation

Frankfort weather Davis Vantage Vue ISS

Weather parameters are acquired by a Davis Vantage Vue ISS and transmitted to the Vue Console, which then sends usable data to a dedicated weather computer.

The Vue ISS is 11' above rooflines to minimize roof vortices influence. The masts also support cameras, and E Field Probes/Preamps for lightning detection.

CoCoRaHS and Blitzzortung at Frankfort Weather

Frankfort Weather - TwinHollies Weather Center is a CoCoRaHS observing station. KY-FR-1 has been an active member of this network since October 31, 2007, and reports Precipitation, Snow, Ice, and EvapoTranspiration data on a daily basis.

We are proud to be a Western Hemisphere pioneer "RED" station in the world-wide Blitzortung ('Lightning Detecttion') Network. Together with the newer (2016) developmental version of Blitzortung Blue (19.1) (below) and a later acquired adjunct Red System Frankfort Weather now sends 14 data channels containing VLF E and H field sferic impulse characteristics.

Developmental release Blue Controller and H-field Assembly
Blitzortung Red and Blue Controllers with Red E-field Amplifier

In April 2016, Frankfort Weather began operational and quality testing of the Blitzortung BLUE 19.1 System. Frankfort Weather's Bitzortung stations, 1439 (first operational 'BLUE' station in the Western Hemispherez), and RED Stations 689 and 791 receive and transmit up to 14 channels 24/7 of E and H field sferic impulse characteristics to the worldwide Blitzortung Lightning Detection Network. Frankfort Weather hosts the Americas Blitzortung site, Sferics.US.

Midland Radio and Computers at Frankfort Weather

NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio

WZ2523 162.500 MHz, Frankfort KY —

KZZ48 162.450 MHz, Owenton KY —

Narrowband FM broadcast monaural audio from Midland WR300 receivers   is split into 2-channels, for PC compatibility and encoded with SECaster or similar encoders, streaming to various IceCast servers and. providing a minimum 32kb MP3 real-time stream available 24/7. Frankfort is streamed on this Website, but both are available at Weather Ready Nation Ambassador NOAA Weather Radio Org.(Hosted by Frankfort Weather and driven by volunteer providers and support).


Our Weather Cams (Webcams)

Frankfort weather cams

The Frankfort Weather cameras are Hikvision DS-2CD2032* 4mm and modified Logitech C920 or C910 Pros - served by Webcam7 Pro. The overlay weather data is derived from Virtual Weather Station and some utility scripts. More info on the various cam pages.
Our webcams are monitored by numerous services, as well as individuals...

Our "SnowCam" 'Raw' image is often prominent in the Louisville NWS Office Situation Room.
(Image Courtesy of Tom Reaugh, NWS LMK)

Louisville NWS Situation Room

Quality of Data

Data Quality Example
Station Local Data is networked primarily through APRSNET/CWOP
and quality is monitored by NOAA NCEP MADIS and MESOWEST

Design and Platform

Software and Utilities

Local Data Site Feed 24/7
Primary Development Tools

Special Thanks to these websites and individuals:

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  • Hundreds of Very Special Members

Other Information

In addition to data transmitted by our installation, The Frankfort Weather Web platform receives and displays data from sources such as NOAA, and other readily available official sources such as NASA, METAR and Mesonet networks. The UV forecast is supplied by KNMI / Temis